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Ben Franklin said: “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” and, Cartman said “You will respect my Authoritah” so what do you say about authority?

As funny as Cartman is, we think Ben definitely had it right regarding society at large, but maybe also for the purpose of what we’re trying to do here at (WordPress Authorities).

[memberplayer id=”2036″] While society at large, and Ben Franklin’s wise warning is about keeping Authorities in check, we here at aim to better the world through building (and featuring) quality content on WordPress base Businesses and using Media to achieve “Authority”

We’ll focus on featuring those who best exemplify our Principals of Authority by surveying and interviewing leading WordPress Authorities to ask critically important questions so that we can discover their common approaches to solving common problems. When we find the “Common Core”, or “Cannon” we’ll document and present our findings.

By doing so we can refine down to a Framework, or a Roadmap that we all can use, or model on our journey towards becoming WordPress Authority Site owners as well.

The biggest problem we aim to solve is a challenge to everyone in today’s information age, and knowledge economy. That challenge is finding “Signal” through the “Noise” of millions of websites, that use thousands of Plugins, Themes, Networks, Systems, Models, etc. to do what they do each day.

So What about  WordPress Authority Websites?

We start by looking at as many indexed websites in the world as we can, using the Alexa API and other source. We then send out little robot scouts to tell us which sites are using WordPress (about 33% according to estimates, but we’ve found this number to be closer to 27%). We then send the infantry to analyze if these sites are indeed “Authority Sites” by checking for a few specific qualifiers (with no logical overlap, and each criteria must be met)

  1. Achieved critical mass in their niche (Alexa Rank or Traffic)
  2. Content focused on a specific target audience, and well defined Silos in place that is well edited and optimized
  3. Publishes extensive and valuable content periodically and consistently – aggregating, collating,  and curating the space or niche
  4. Generates significant traffic from multiple sources, Search, Social, Referrals
  5. Receives significant social syndication (reach on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc) from Authority and Niche sites
  6. Employes a team of Authors, either in-house, from guest authors or community generated who are well defined “Authorship”  from “real world identity” systems like Google Plus Authorship and Facebook Authorship.
  7. Well Integrated into it’s niche, guest posting on neighbour authority websites receiving Quality links from multiple sources of Authoritative domains
  8. Has significant subscriber community through Social, RSS, Email etc.
  9. Has a integrated product offering including Ebooks, Reports, Coaching, Training etc.
  10. Has an monetization system with few missing or weak components, Ad Networks, Affiliate Sales, Product Sales, Joint Ventures etc.

To learn more about the Methodology of how we determine what is an Authority Website and if we should include it in our study check out our feature report at your leisure, but we’d like to point out that what we found to be true in all cases of true Authority can be summed up in one empower mantra:

Power to the People!

Websites are About Serving People, and Solving Problems

Content on websites are created by the People, the Authors in that site’s community, and the large community of the whole world, and those interested in that topic.

Every time we write down an idea, or opinion on a subject, I submit that we are Authors on the spot.

This happens more simply, daily and seemingly more insignificantly than you might think.

It happens when you leave a comment on this page, or ad a note of interest when you share this content with your friends on Facebook (and please do if you like it ;).

Authorship is a Principal of Authority that we admire and adhere to, which is to say:

“Produce Something. State Your Mind. Go On-The-Record. Engage your Community”

This principal points towards the second Principal of Authority according to, which is the Community.

Communities are obviously collections of People, and if those people contribute an idea, and produce value in the community, now you’ve got something.

Therefore, we’ve found that the more a Content Website Business, or Integrated Media Business can recognize, and execute around empowering Authorship within a Community, the more “Authority” that website tends to have.

Ultimately, perhaps, that’s how we can break down the word Authority; where Authorship and Community unite.

About Our Intentions

Our intentions stem from our current beliefs of which the most paramount and relevant is that in today’s connected world, business facilitated through the relationships built and the trust that comes with understanding your partners in any equitable proposed value exchange.

In otherwords:

If you’re going to buy something from us to solve a problem you have, you need to trust us. And you can decide for yourself if you trust us if we tell you all about ourselves, through About Us pages, blog posts, reports, books, videos and any and all media formats you might want to learn about us through.

In short:

We’re here to practice what we question. To implement what we learn. To model the Masters of WordPress Publishing ourselves, in by doing so, provide you yet another model for you to do the same.

And through another Principal of Authority, we’ll practice transparency so that you have unfettered access to behind our scene, because we know that when we show you how we are learning how to solve your problems, you’ll trust the solutions we come up with.

Therefore our Intentions target two groups of Objectives:

Our Initial Objectives

This is our primary research, and relationship model. To connect with the community, learn from it, then re-educate it with our findings.

  1. To list, evaluate, review and report on all “WordPress Authority Websites” to determine what makes them so successful and valuable.
  2. To be a resource for publishers who wish to be Authority Sites using WordPress
  3. To provide training to new niche publishers and authority site owners alike

Our Ultimate Objectives

  1. To build web apps and wordpress plugins to themes to serve the community of new and existing wordpress authority sites.
  2. To produce Media for would be Integrated Media Companies so they can focus on other aspects of the business like Management.
  3. To provide Management services established Authority Website owners using our refined tools and systems so they might focus on producing media.

About Our Team

WordPress Authorities at is an OwnUs Opportunity project. OwnUs is a system, designed by many of the same team members listed on this particular project, which awards benefits, from awards, revenue sharing, and even equity to partners large and small who contribute to this project.

The Team at WPAuthorities is made up of  Founders, Partners and Contributors according to the Actions they’ve taken in this project.

You can see the current list of the WordPress Authority Team that is dynamically updated team members at any time, and, if you want to contribute to the venture, let us know how you’d like to contribute, build your own Authorship, and with us, this community owned venture.

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