Abel James Talks About A Cause And Business Worth Fighting For

When we asked Abel James what his end game is with Fat Burning Man he responded with “I want to change the world.” That is not something we take lightly at WordPress Authorities, but we firmly believe he’s doing that in his own way with making people healthier every day. THAT’S a business model to […]


Fat Burning Chef Helps You Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

Some products are simply around to make money for the creator. Then there are products, like Fat Burning Chef by Abel James, that look to change the world with their impact. We can think of no better way to make an impact than through real food, which is exactly how Abel has decided to make […]


Abel James Discusses The Problems of Being A Podcast Authority

Much like an Authority site, creating an Authority podcast has its issues associated with WordPress. That can become a much bigger problem, especially when your podcast is your blog and lifestyle like it is for Abel James. Luckily, he has figured out the solutions to many of his problems and he wants to tell you […]


Abel James On Getting Out of Life’s Crapshoot and Into Authority

Everyone has times in their lives when they are down on their luck. The ups and downs of life – that’s just the way it is. What you create and turn those bad times into, however, is what could make you an authority and turn your luck around! Abel James of FatBurningMan.com did just this, […]


George Bryant Discusses Why He Wants To Be A Caveman Forever

One of the great things about being an Authority is most of the time you are doing something you love and getting paid for it. That’s what we call a lifestyle business. We can also see why creating that life can be seen as the end game someone would never give up! George Bryant is […]


Caveman Feast: Simply Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

Throughout this season we have asked our guests what product should be created when first building an Authority site. Many turned to Ebooks as a simple yet effective way to make a name for yourself. George Bryant has lived his advice with Caveman Feast and has seen the fruits of success. This is definitely a sales method […]


George Bryant Gives You One Tweak to Increase Your Traffic 10 Fold

A funny thing about Authority is we rarely realize how close we truly are to achieving it. While some are certainly closer than others, often times one small tweak here or there can lead to a traffic explosion. George Bryant experienced this with his business, Civilized Caveman Cooking, and today you’re going to learn how! […]


George Bryant Discusses What It Takes to Get 2.4 Million Page Views per Month

In every niche there is a hankering for information the masses are looking for. An authority recognizes what creates that need for knowledge and crafts a fan experience that is unmatched to pull them in. George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking has done that to the tune of 2.4 million page views per month, and he […]


Dan Norris Talks About The Only Type of Content You Should Be Creating

When everything is said and done there’s really only one true indicator of Authority – your audience. They are the driving force behind your leads, sales and dominance in your niche. Writing for them is your golden ticket to Authority. Dan Norris of WP Curve already knows this and he’s ready to show you how! In […]


Dan Norris Explains The Importance of A Mobile Authority

When becoming an authority in any niche you should always be aware of the problems your audience is having. Dan Norris has identified the big problem half your audience is having you may not even realize, and he’s ready to share it with you! In this episode we talk to Dan about the problem that lies within finding […]