Abel James On Getting Out of Life’s Crapshoot and Into Authority

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1.12.1-Abel-JamesEveryone has times in their lives when they are down on their luck. The ups and downs of life – that’s just the way it is. What you create and turn those bad times into, however, is what could make you an authority and turn your luck around!

Abel James of FatBurningMan.com did just this, turning a thyroid problem into an Authority site in the darkest time of his life. Find out how and get some motivation to do the same!

In this episode we talk to Abel about that incredible story. He mentions having a bigger calling than a previous dead end job, the three keys to a future of success and staying away from the online scam. Listen on!

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During this Business Builder Episode, Trevor Turnbull and Abel James discuss Abel’s incredible story and how he spun a dark time in his life into a positive light.

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  1. FatBurningMan.com

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  2. Wishlist
  3. OptimizePress
  4. LeadPages
  5. WPTouch Pro
  6. MarksDailyApple.com
  7. Fat Burning Chef

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Show Notes

  1. Get knee-deep in the technology and creative (5m 5s)
  2. A way out of life’s crapshoot (6m 5s)
  3. The truth is out there (8m 0s)
  4. Have a much bigger calling (9m 38s)
  5. Fighting the power (11m 50s)
  6. WordPress isn’t for everyone (12m 35s)
  7. Crossing an Authority without knowing it (14m 15s)
  8. Get rid of SEO and get into T-R-U-S-T (15m 10s)
  9. Three keys to the future of success (17m 0s)
  10. Play to your strengths (19m 14s)
  11. Don’t be attached to what your favorite model looks like (23m 0s)
  12. A(L)OL (25m 20s)
  13. Stay away from the online scam (27m 30s)

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