Abel James Talks About A Cause And Business Worth Fighting For

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1.12.4-Abel-JamesWhen we asked Abel James what his end game is with Fat Burning Man he responded with “I want to change the world.” That is not something we take lightly at WordPress Authorities, but we firmly believe he’s doing that in his own way with making people healthier every day. THAT’S a business model to be following – THAT’S a true authority.

In this can’t-miss episode we talk to Abel about various aspects of his business and what he’s doing to make an impact in the world. He discusses one being the most productive number, creating your image and the best thing he’s done for his business. Listen on!

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During this Take 10 Episode, Trevor Turnbull and Abel James discuss the impact Abel is making on the world through his business, FatBurningMan.com.

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  1. FatBurningMan.com

Mentioned During This Episode

  1. Keynote
  2. Screenflow
  3. Audacity
  4. Fat Burning Chef

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Click To Tweet –> “The thing that’s most responsible for the enormous amount of sales we do is not selling” @fatburnman

Show Notes

  1. One is the most productive number (4m 25s)
  2. Run a content democracy (6m 10s)
  3. Become the next George Clooney (7m 50s)
  4. Goin old school (8m 25s)
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of free (10m 15s)
  6. When reliable beats sexy (10m 50s)
  7. Mining for fans (13m 35s)
  8. It’s you, not me (14m 5s)
  9. Create your image (16m 30s)
  10. Don’t sell if you want to sell (17m 40s)
  11. Be selectively successful (19m 13s)
  12. Embrace the future (20m 5s)
  13. Set it, but don’t forget it (22m 45s)
  14. Quit your job! (25m 0s)
  15. A cause worth fighting for, a business worth supporting (26m 50s)
  16. Connect with Abel (29m 25s)

Connect With Abel!

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