Authority Site Business Builder – Part 1

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wpa-1.1.4-0005-show-coverYou can’t live in your dream house without having a plan to build it. The same applies to business – so in this episode WPA’s co-creators Mike Olaski and Trevor Turnbull tell you how to build that house! In this episode we talk about how you can envision a successful business team and acquire the one tool a successful business cant live without. Listen on!

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Part 1 of The Authority Site Business Builder Episode with Trevor Turnbull and Mike Olaski, where they let you know about 5 departments that are crucial to building your business and how to make sure they run at an optimal level.

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  1. Authority Spy
  2. WordPress
  3. Bluehost, HostGator, Dreamhost
  4. Sugarsync, Dropbox

Show Notes

  1. What WordPress authorities is all about (4m 56s)
  2. Content departments Mike and Trevor enjoy the most (6m 19s)
  3. How you can start envisioning your successful business team (7m 15s)
  4. How to structure your departments when building a team (9m 26s)
  5. How a cannon applies to building your business (10m 30s)
  6. How to create the vision and structure of your business (13m 15s)
  7. What role the community plays in building a business (16m 30s)
  8. Content Marketing Institute’s strategy to their own content (19m 7s)
  9. What is absolutely necessary when starting your business building (21m 48s)
  10. How to tackle the problems everyone is facing (24m 26s)
  11. How to solve your day-to-day operations problems (25m 33s)
  12. The one tool you can’t live without if you want to add value to your business (28m 51s)
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