Authority Site Business Builder – Part 2

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wpa-1.1.5-0006-show-coverIn part 1 we discussed the essential departments to have in your business if you want to be successful. Turns out this information is so valuable it takes two shows to cover it all! In this episode we talk about how to bridge the gap between your customers and your business, what a lead magnet is and why it’s so important to your business and what customer support does for your business when done right. Listen on!

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Part 2 of The Authority Site Business Builder Episode with Trevor Turnbull and Mike Olaski, where they continue to talk about departments that are crucial to building your business and how to make sure they run at an optimal level.

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  1. SocialADR
  2. WPLeadMagnet
  3. ZenDesk
  4. Kissmetrics

Show Notes

  1. The bridge that gets people to your site (5m 0s)
  2. How you can posses popups on your site and not have them be annoying (8m 26s)
  3. The metric you need to get in and stay in this business (10m 2s)
  4. What is a lead magnet and why is it the first thing you need? (11m 47s)
  5. The proven method of solid content that all the big names are using (12m 10s)
  6. What customer support can be for your business when done right (16m 28s)
  7. How your business is like the circle of life (18m 18s)
  8. How powerful can Google really be for your business? (19m 55s)
  9. What you can show a buyer to make them need your site (22m 17s)
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