Brian Clark Discusses Authority and the 6 Primary Influences on People

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wpa-1.2.1-0009-show-coverIt’s safe to say Copyblogger is an established Authority Site. Brian Clark – the man behind the Content Marketing giant – has taken some time out to let you know how! In this episode Brian will give information on what makes him unique when it comes to technology, why Copyblogger uses WordPress and who he modeled himself after to become a Content Marketing giant. Listen on to learn how to be the next great WordPress Authority!

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During this Authority Site Business Builder Episode Brian Clark and host Trevor Turnbull discuss how Brian approaches technology, authority and his business model.

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  1. Copyblogger

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  1. StudioPress
  2. Content Marketing Institute

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Show Notes

  1. What makes Brian an odd case when it comes to technology (4m 17s)
  2. Why changing business models can save your life (6m 12s)
  3. Why Brian uses WordPress for Copyblogger (9m 58s)
  4. How Authority Site doesn’t just apply to an online presence (12m 24s)
  5. Copyblogger’s goal in content creation (13m 50s)
  6. Brian’s new frontier and how he’s exploring it (14m 38s)
  7. How you can rise to the top of your field (16m 17s)
  8. The key to Copyblogger being an Authority Site (17m 4s)
  9. How your blog should be like a media outlet (19m 33s)
  10. Who Copyblogger models to be successful (19m 49s)
  11. Why NOT taking business classes was the best thing to happen to Brian (20m 17s)
  12. The strategy to take when you want to be successful in advertising (22m 7s)

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