Caveman Feast: Simply Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

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1.11.3-George-BryantThroughout this season we have asked our guests what product should be created when first building an Authority site. Many turned to Ebooks as a simple yet effective way to make a name for yourself. George Bryant has lived his advice with Caveman Feast and has seen the fruits of success. This is definitely a sales method to model!

In this episode we talk to George about not only his Ebook but also his hardcopy book, The Paleo Kitchen. George talks about embracing your inner fat kid, having an Ebook that is constantly selling & bringing value and getting grand mom involved. Listen on!

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During this Show Us episode, Trevor Turnbull and George Bryant discuss both of George’s books and how you can use them as a model for your success.

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  1. Caveman Feast Cookbook

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  1. The Paleo Kitchen

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Show Notes

  1. Embrace your inner fat kid (4m 30s)
  2. An auto-updating cookbook (4m 55s)
  3. Your one-stop paleo shop (7m 15s)
  4. An actual paper book you can touch with your fingers. Really. (8m 20s)
  5. Let’s get grandma involved (9m 0s)

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