Chris Ducker: Get Virtual Freedom for Free and Build Your Business Without Running It

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1.3.3-Chris-Ducker-Covert-ArtIf I told you working 28 hours per week would bring in more money than working 96 would that be something that catches your attention? Well that’s what I’m telling you with a straight face!

In this episode Chris Ducker of talks about his book, Virtual Freedom, which is the hold-your-hand outsourcing model to The 4 Hour Work Week. This is your book if you want to build a successful business while working 1/3 of the time. Plus you can get a FREE copy. Listen on!

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During this Show Us episode Chris Ducker and host Trevor Turnbull discuss Chris’ book Virtual Freedom, why it will make you successful and how you can get a free copy.

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  1. Virtual Freedom

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  1. The 4 Hour Work Week

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Show Notes

  1. How to control your business rather than have it control you (3m 52s)
  2. Get your hands on the true outsourcing section of The 4 Hour Work Week (4m 32s)
  3. Why YOU are the ideal reader for Chris’ book (5m 50s)
  4. What Chris did to be successful in his business (6m 42s)
  5. What to focus on to build a successful business (7m 17s)
  6. Who else is benefitting from this book (They’re famous and effective) (7m 53s)
  7. Other benefits you’ll have along with the book (9m 21s)
  8. How Chris got his book deal (10m 3s)
  9. How you can get your hands on a FREE copy of the book (11m 23s)
  10. Where you can connect with Chris (12m 39s)

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