Dai Manuel Discusses How He Became A Fitness Authority

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In the fitness world there are plenty of people who claim to be an authority. Unfortunately very few actually have the experience and expertise it takes to be a go-to source.

With 17 years experience under his belt, Dai Manuel is an authority not only in the fitness world but in the WordPress world with his website, DaiManuel.com. We were lucky enough to chat with him about what makes an authority and how he became one!

In this episode Dai discusses the easiest way to hold yourself accountable, numbing out the noise all the authority wannabes are making and what power in numbers truly means. Listen on!

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During this Business Builder episode, Dai Manuel and host Trevor Turnbull discuss holding yourself accountable, how to become an authority and how to numb out the noise

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Show Notes

  1. Hold yourself accountable easily (5m 58s)
  2. Find a way to fix your problems (6m 59s)
  3. With experience comes authority (9m 1s)
  4. Discovery leading to distinction (10m 59s)
  5. Turning opportunity into reality (12m 59s)
  6. Numb out the noise (15m 11s)
  7. Throwing your body weight around to get massive success (16m 35s)
  8. Power in numbers (18m 29s)
  9. Live and learn (20m 41s)
  10. Check the temperature (23m 8s)

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