Dai Manuel Discusses What Gets Him Excited In His Business

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Dai Manuel will admit he is not the most savvy guy when it comes to the “nitty gritty” of the technology world. That makes him just like most us. So when he has a problem with WordPress – and a solution to that problem – most everyone will be able to relate to that as well!

In this episode we talk to Dai about the problems he faces as a fitness-first business owner running a WordPress blog and what solutions he has that make him different. He discusses the value of stereotypes, being his reputation and how invaluable a community can be. Listen on!

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During this Problems & Solutions episode, Dai Manuel and host Trevor Turnbull discuss how he approaches the management of 12,000 blog posts, using social media as a recruitment tool and much more.

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  2. E-junkie

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Show Notes

  1. Beware blog envy (5m 39s)
  2. The more content the better? (6m 40s)
  3. The value of stereotypes (7m 37s)
  4. Social media as a recruitment tool (8m 39s)
  5. Give everyone a chance (10m 50s)
  6. Be your reputation (13m 54s)
  7. The hard sell vs the eSell (16m 25s)
  8. Let them do the work for you (19m 45s)
  9. The invaluable community (22m 50s)
  10. Where Dai gets excited in this business (24m 44s)

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