Dan Norris Explains The Importance of A Mobile Authority

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When becoming an authority in any niche you should always be aware of the problems your audience is having. Dan Norris has identified the big problem half your audience is having you may not even realize, and he’s ready to share it with you!

In this episode we talk to Dan about the problem that lies within finding guest authors and publishing guest posts. We also hear the problems with creating notes on the go, the secret to membership forum success and more. Listen on!

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During this Problems & Solutions episode, Trevor Turnbull and Dan Norris discuss how to develop your ideas on the go, how to get quality guest authors and how to create success in your membership forums.

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  1. WPCurve.com

Mentioned During This Episode

  1. Trello
  2. ConvertPress
  3. Infusionsoft
  4. Discourse

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Show Notes

  1. Creation outside WordPress (4m 42s)
  2. Trello? Anyone there? (5m 28s)
  3. If you’re not mobile you’re stuck (7m 7s)
  4. Keyword is not the key (8m 24s)
  5. How To: Get quality guest authors (10m 55s)
  6. The aspect of the business that becomes a time suck (12m 12s)
  7. Don’t be afraid to pay the price (15m 14s)
  8. Being less intrusive gets you more information (16m 34s)
  9. Where WordPress has no options (20m 44s)
  10. The secret to forum success (22m 13s)
  11. An unsolved problem that half your audience experiences (24m 17s)

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