Dan Norris Talks About The Only Type of Content You Should Be Creating

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1.10.3-Dan-NorrisWhen everything is said and done there’s really only one true indicator of Authority – your audience. They are the driving force behind your leads, sales and dominance in your niche. Writing for them is your golden ticket to Authority. Dan Norris of WP Curve already knows this and he’s ready to show you how!

In this episode we ask Dan 10 rapid fire questions about his business and what has made it an authority. He discusses the only type of content worth creating, the only type of marketing worth paying for, the only type of products worth producing and many more worthy topics. Listen on!

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During this Take 10 episode, Trevor Turnbull asks Dan Norris 10 questions about his business, WPCurve.com, and how it runs on a daily basis. Dan discusses where your content should come from, the only type of marketing you should pay for and more.

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  1. WPCurve.com

Mentioned During This Episode

  1. Google Drive
  2. itDuzzit
  3. FreshDesk
  4. Trello
  5. Buffer
  6. WP Curve blog

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Show Notes

  1. Avoid the octopi (4m 27s)
  2. The content come from (7m 7s)
  3. Seize your opportunities (8m 5s)
  4. Do what you do best (8m 55s)
  5. Using the tools that make you look good (10m 15s)
  6. The only type of marketing worth paying for (13m 24s)
  7. How conferences lead to customers (14m 20s)
  8. When you’re ready for your big book deal (16m 1s)
  9. Recurring products lead to a positive recurring theme (17m 53s)
  10. Sometimes you don’t need to know how it’s working as long as it works (21m 5s)
  11. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it (23m 27s)
  12. Quantum leaps to the new frontier (24m 53s)
  13. What it’s all about (30m 7s)
  14. Connect with Dan (31m 44s)

Connect With Dan!

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