Dan Norris Teaches You The Four Essential Qualities of An Authority

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1.10.1-Dan-NorrisEveryone has their own thoughts of what makes an Authority in any industry. But there is a difference between thoughts and action. Dan Norris, co-founder of WP Curve, not only understands this but he is a model of success for how you can grow exponentially in a short amount of time!

In this episode we talk to Dan about WP Curve and how it has advanced at such a rapid rate. Dan talks about why WordPress shouldn’t be the content champion but still is, what the four essential qualities of an authority are, how to rank in Google without trying and much more. Listen on!

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During this Business Builder Episode, Trevor Turnbull and Dan Norris discuss how Dan manages to be a Jack of all trades, Google’s game-changer, and what sucks about making a transition.

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  1. WPCurve.com

Mentioned During This Episode

  1. WP Curve blog
  2. InfusionSoft
  3. WP Beginner
  4. Kissmetrics
  5. This Week in Startups

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Show Notes

  1. Being the Jack of All Trades (5m 14s)
  2. Face-to-face is overrated (6m 22s)
  3. Why WordPress shouldn’t be the champion (6m 54s)
  4. Strength in numbers (9m 8s)
  5. Four essential qualities of an Authority (10m 13s)
  6. Google’s game-changer (10m 48s)
  7. Gundotra > Zuckerberg (12m 28s)
  8. What sucks about transition (14m 48s)
  9. Authority is always a work in progress (16m 5s)
  10. Ranking without trying (20m 8s)
  11. Does more success always equal more money? (22m 25s)
  12. Role models are everywhere (23m 47s)

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