George Bryant Discusses What It Takes to Get 2.4 Million Page Views per Month

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1.11.1-George-BryantIn every niche there is a hankering for information the masses are looking for. An authority recognizes what creates that need for knowledge and crafts a fan experience that is unmatched to pull them in. George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking has done that to the tune of 2.4 million page views per month, and he want to tell you how!

In this episode we talk to George about and incredible story of going from Afghanistan to the kitchen. He discusses how to be a man of the people, the worst mistake Google has ever made and how to get credit for your social prowess. Listen on!

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During this Business Builder Episode, Trevor Turnbull and George Bryant discuss creating a fan experience to generate 2.4 million page views per month on a niche site.

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Show Notes

  1. A man of the people – 3 million people (5m 16s)
  2. From never cooking to cooking’ with Authority gas (7m 17s)
  3. The worst mistake George has ever made (9m 15s)
  4. The ultimate consumer (10m 15s)
  5. WordPress being its own Authority (12m 16s)
  6. Know how to sell a house, know how to create Authority (13m 3s)
  7. Get credit for your social prowess (15m 20s)
  8. A recipe for Authority (19m 0s)
  9. One connected caveman cook (21m 40s)
  10. Taking an arm here, a leg there to create the perfect model (24m 35s)
  11. Be a lifer (26m 30s)

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