George Bryant Discusses Why He Wants To Be A Caveman Forever

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1.11.4-George-BryantOne of the great things about being an Authority is most of the time you are doing something you love and getting paid for it. That’s what we call a lifestyle business. We can also see why creating that life can be seen as the end game someone would never give up!

George Bryant is living the lifestyle business model of success and is ready to be a caveman forever. Find out why!

In this episode we ask George ten rapid fire questions about his business, Civilized Caveman Cooking. George talks about the much bigger plan he has for the future, staying true to your passion, finding your center and much more. Listen on!

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During this Take 10 Episode, Trevor Turnbull and George Bryant discuss the ins and outs of Civilized Caveman Cooking, plus the much bigger picture George is committed to moving forward.

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Mentioned During This Episode

  1. Caveman Feast
  2. MailChimp

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Show Notes

  1. Don’t forget your roots (4m 55s)
  2. Stay true to your passion (5m 20s)
  3. Know the senses (6m 20s)
  4. iCritical (7m 55s)
  5. Find your center (9m 20s)
  6. Rule SEO without doing SEO (10m 25s)
  7. Make a hobby a primary source of income (12m 3s)
  8. Make time zones obsolete (13m 15s)
  9. Product number 1 (15m 20s)
  10. An anchor for the S.S. Authority (16m 0s)
  11. The evolution of caveman (and his website) (16m 50s)
  12. How to do some free market research (19m 50s)
  13. Some things just can’t be automated. But everything else can be (20m 20s)
  14. Rebuilding stronger after a crash and burn (23m 33s)
  15. Staying a caveman forever (26m 40s)
  16. Connect with George (27m 50s)

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