George Bryant Gives You One Tweak to Increase Your Traffic 10 Fold

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1.11.2-George-BryantA funny thing about Authority is we rarely realize how close we truly are to achieving it. While some are certainly closer than others, often times one small tweak here or there can lead to a traffic explosion. George Bryant experienced this with his business, Civilized Caveman Cooking, and today you’re going to learn how!

In this episode we talk to George about what it could take from you to increase your site traffic exponentially (and it might not take much). George explains how to spend $28 where others are spending $1,5000, how to truly connect with your audience and how to get affiliated with making money. Listen on!

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During this Problems & Solutions episode, Trevor Turnbull and George Bryant discuss a method that could increase your Authority site’s traffic 10 fold.

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Mentioned During This Episode

  1. OptimizePress
  2. Genesis
  3. EasyRecipe Plus
  4. Google AdSense
  5. Visual Website Optimizer

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Show Notes

  1. Where’s the super plugin? (5m 40s)
  2. Avoid spending $1,500 when you can spend $28 (6m 40s)
  3. Don’t create confusion (10m 5s)
  4. One tweak that increases traffic 10 fold (13m 24s)
  5. Connect with your audience (15m 15s)
  6. Improve their life without them knowing it (17m 45s)
  7. Know your worth (20m 10s)
  8. Ads vs. audience (23m 40s)
  9. Don’t get blacklisted by your family (25m 20s)
  10. Affiliated with making money (26m 40s)

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