James Wedmore Discusses How To Create The Celebrity Effect

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There are plenty of benefits that come with being an Authority. Being able to work from anywhere, living your Passion Project and supporting others in their dreams to name a few.

Another fun one is being approached at a conference by someone whose honor it is just to meet you. That’s called the Celebrity Effect – and it’s all possible just by becoming an authority in your niche. Sounds pretty great right? James Wedmore has experienced this, and he’s ready to share what it takes for you to be a celebrity in your niche as well!

In this episode James discusses how to get people to stop everything their doing to focus on what YOU have to say. He also talks about his story of leapfrogging to success, what an authority is NOT, what makes him nervous and much more. Listen on!

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During this Business Builder episode, James Wedmore and host Trevor Turnbull discuss how James has made leaps and bounds toward success, the celebrity effect, the number one way to establish authority and much more.

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  2. oDesk
  3. OnlineJobs.ph
  4. Mixergy
  5. Social Media Examiner
  6. Cooking With Charlie

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Show Notes

  1. The danger of technology (5m 7s)
  2. Spend your time on what’s worth spending your time on (6m 36s)
  3. Taking leaps and bounds to success (7m 38s)
  4. April 18, 2008 – A day forever in history (9m 5s)
  5. Become a celebrity (11m 25s)
  6. Why would anyone use WordPress today? (14m 22s)
  7. Fresh, new, relevant: Authority (16m 3s)
  8. Be original. We dare you. (17m 25s)
  9. Resonate in a way your role model can’t (19m 3s)
  10. The number one way to establish authority (19m 57s)
  11. What an authority is NOT (23m 54s)
  12. What gets James nervous (26m 25s)
  13. Inspiration is everywhere… (30m 33s)
  14. …But don’t forget familiarity either (34m 1s)
  15. Are you the next Joe Don Looney? (36m 5s)

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