James Wedmore Explains Why There Is No Better Solution Than WordPress

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Throughout the weeks you have listened to our Problems & Solutions episodes, where we discuss the biggest problems with WordPress and how the masters solve them. The irony in that though, is sometimes WordPress is the best solution to all your online business problems!

This is the sentiment James Wedmore holds. He has mastered the online video world already and he believes WordPress is the jet that will carry him to content mastery. We happen to have the same opinion!

In this episode James talks to us about how it doesn’t take a lot to earn a lot, who you can trust with your business and why his business that doesn’t sell anything is successful. Listen on!

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During this Problems & Solutions episode, James Wedmore and host Trevor Turnbull discuss why there is no better solution than WordPress, the problems with shared hosts and how to enhance a customers experience.

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  1. Video Traffic Academy
  2. Wishlist Member
  3. PopUp Domination
  4. LeadPages

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Show Notes

  1. No better solution than WordPress (5m 9s)
  2. Sharing is not good enough kids (6m 23s)
  3. Leave the doing to the people who know what their doing (8m 0s)
  4. Lose that excess online fat (9m 43s)
  5. It’s a team effort (10m 56s)
  6. A business that doesn’t try and sell anything (13m 59s)
  7. The content you need to create to get opt-ins and shares (16m 1s)
  8. It doesn’t take a lot to earn a lot (16m 50s)
  9. It’s all about the experience (18m 52s)

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