Jay Baer Discusses The Future of Your Content

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In any business thinking about and anticipating the future will lead to leaps and bounds of success. Jay Baer has been doing that for quite some time now with Convince & Convert and it has created some astronomical production. Now he wants to share his knowledge with you!

In this episode we ask Jay Baer of Convince & Convert 10 rapid fire questions about his business. Jay discusses the future of content production, getting to know your worth, how you can write timeless content and much more. Listen on!

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During this Take 10 episode, Trevor Turnbull asks Jay Baer 10 questions about his business, Convince & Convert, and how it runs on a daily basis.

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  1. Convince & Convert
  2. Youtility

Mentioned During This Episode

  1. JayBaer.com
  2. SocialPros.com
  3. One Social Thing
  4. Buffer
  5. InfusionSoft

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Show Notes

  1. The JV squad (5m 37s)
  2. Know your worth (6m 30s)
  3. The future of content (7m 56s)
  4. The Buffer zone (9m 25s)
  5. Be the closer (12m 31s)
  6. Value, value and more value (13m 46s)
  7. The value in your voice (15m 51s)
  8. Writing timeless content (17m 59s)
  9. The trojan horse (20m 48s)
  10. Connect with Jay (21m 17s)

Connect With Jay!

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