Joe Pulizzi Discusses Spreading your Authority as an Author

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wpa-1.1.1-0002-show-coverJoe Pulizzi is an engaging, eccentric, successful WordPress Authority and he has plenty of advice for you! Since 2007 Joe has been a force in the Content Marketing field and has never looked back. is the go-to resource for anyone looking to learn about content marketing, improve their current strategy or just have more fun with content marketing. If you are looking for valuable information about how a WordPress giant operates, and who he models himself after, you’ve come to the right place.

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During this Authority Site Business Builder Episode, Joe Pulizzi and host Trevor Turnbull discuss how Joe got his start in the industry an what authority site & Google Authorship mean to him.

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Show Notes & Transcription

  1. Whether Joe finds himself to be a technophile or technophobe (2m 31s)
  2. Where the idea for Content Marketing Institute came from (5m 8s)
  3. Joe’s money troubles when first starting out (7m 5s)
  4. Joe’s only complaint about WordPress (7m 45s)
  5. How Joe defines an Authority Site and who are authorities to him (8m 11s)
  6. What your goals need to be in setting up a new site (9m 0s)
  7. How Content Marketing Institute became an authority (9m 45s)
  8. The most important thing to look for when becoming an authority site (10m 50s)
  9. Is quality or quantity more important when it comes to subscribers? (11m 28s)
  10. How important Google Authorship and Google+ are to Joe (13m 30s)
  11. What to do if you care about search rankings and Google Authority (14m 43s)
  12. Is it difficult for publishers to attribute authorship? (15m 50s)
  13. Who Joe looks to as his model for success (18m 20s)

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