Joe Pulizzi Gives You 10 Tips to Build Your Authority Publishing Business

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wpa-1.1.3-0004-show-coverInterested in how Content Marketing Institute operates, but don’t have much time? Welcome to our Take 10 episode, where Joe Pulizzi goes through 10 rapid fire questions and gives you the concise yet valuable answers you’re looking for.

This episode covers a wide range of topics, including how Joe approaches his content strategy, marketing strategy, and sales strategy among others. You’ll also find out the tool that is vital to Content Marketing Institutes success and learn about the one thing that took CMI to a new level. What are you waiting for – listen on!

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During this Authority Site Take 10 Episode, Joe Pulizzi answers our rapid fire questions where we cover everything from content strategy to super tools to Content Marketing Institute’s end game.

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  1. Tweetdeck
  2. Evernote
  3. Pippity

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Show Notes & Transcription

  1. How many sites Content Marketing Institute has (4m 15s)
  2. How many sites you should have if you want to be an authority (4m 41s)
  3. The best way to approach content creation if you want to be an authority (5m 31s)
  4. How to format your content (6m 21s)
  5. The one “super tool” Joe uses for Content Marketing Institute (7m 26s)
  6. The best marketing method out there today (9m 15s)
  7. The one thing you still need no matter how good your marketing is (9m 43s)
  8. The model of product creation that got Content Marketing Institute where it is today (10m 21s)
  9. The best strategy and tools to use when it comes to sales for an Authority Site (11m 52s)
  10. The one thing everything comes back to when creating as many sales as possible (12m 56s)
  11. How much of is (or isn’t) automated (14m 15s)
  12. What Joe’s ultimate end game is (16m 46s)
  13. How you can connect with Joe (18m 24s)

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