Joe Pulizzi on Being in The Content and Ideas Business

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wpa-1.1.2-0003-show-coverEveryone wants to be an Authority Site. But once you get there, all the management of the posts, authors and advertisers can become a daunting task. Content Marketing Institute has already established themselves with an impressive business model, and now Joe Pulizzi wants to share it with you!

In this episode Joe shares the hardships he has encountered with managing a WordPress site, the breakthrough he had in 2009 and what the cash cow has become for Content Marketing Institute. Listen on to learn how to be the next great WordPress Authority!

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During this Authority Site Problems and Solutions Episode, Joe Pulizzi and host Trevor Turnbull discuss how Joe manages Content Marketing Institute’s posts, authors and monetization.

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  1. Kapost
  2. Genesis Theme

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Show Notes

  1. What Joe finds are challenges in WordPress when creating posts (4m 35s)
  2. What Content Marketing Institute uses to manage their posts (4m 45s)
  3. What the actual big issue is when managing a WordPress site (5m 42s)
  4. What Joe thinks of Content Marketing Institute as a mobile site (7m 39s)
  5. The WordPress theme Joe thinks is best to use (8m 34s)
  6. The one thing to figure out when managing your authors (9m 48s)
  7. What runs any successful Authority’s business model (11m 9s)
  8. How to land any authority contributor (12m 1s)
  9. Why Joe thinks free content is actually better than paid content (14m 39s)

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