Jay Baer Talks About Why Change is Good

Convince & Convert gets 200,000 visits per month on its blog. They send out 500,000 emails per month. Any solutions Jay Baer and Co. have to the problems they face must be working! Thats why this episode is all about the problems Jay faces with a 3-star Authority site like his and what he does to rectify them […]


Jay Baer Discusses The Benefits of Putting Your Aces In Their Places

Convince & Convert is the go-to group of digital marketing advisors that exist today. An authority in the industry, if you will. Jay Baer is the artist behind this masterpiece and he has agreed to share his knowledge with us! In this episode Jay talks about putting your aces in their places, adding someone to […]


Laura Roeder On Setting Yourself Up To Win

Running a WordPress business is hard enough with all of the possible problems that can arise on a daily basis. Don’t make it harder on yourself by not setting yourself up to win. Laura Roeder is constantly playing to win, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. The best part is you can too! In this episode […]


Social Brilliant: Organize and Monetize

To be a brilliant person is to be very impressive and successful, among other things. To be a social brilliant is to have a plan in place that will have you DOMINATE the marketing field in your niche’s world. That is what Laura Roeder is offering you with her latest product! In this episode Laura […]


Laura Roeder Talks About Getting Out of The Weeds and Becoming An Authority

The impact social media has on our world today cannot be underestimated. From Facebook to Twitter to Google+ to Pinterest and beyond, connecting with people online is simply what we do in 2014. Someone who creates a business from social media should be looked at as a visionary – and today we talk to one! […]


Syed Balkhi Talks About Ideas Worth Taking Action On

If you’re looking for a model in the WordPress world, following the man who knows WordPress best is a good start. The way to following him is by learning the ins and outs of his business, which we have discovered in this podcast! In this episode we ask Syed Balkhi 10 rapid fire questions about how […]


Optin Monster: Generate 600% More Leads

The fastest way to a successful business is through generating a ton of leads and a ton of subscribers. That is no secret. Where the secret does lie is in how to generate those leads and grow your business as soon as possible. Well we have your answer if you’re looking to generate 600% more […]


Syed Balkhi: An Authority in The WordPress World Talks Problems & Solutions

Everyone has problems with WordPress. That’s just the way it is. But how great would it be if you could hear from THE go-to authority for WordPress on what he sees as the biggest problems and solutions regarding the content management system!? We are proud to bring you our Problems & Solutions episode with WordPress […]


Syed Balkhi Talks Breaking Barriers and Creating A Go-to Authority

Sometimes the most successful Authorities don’t intend to be Authorities at all. That doesn’t mean the most powerful people in the industry can’t start this way! In fact, the go-to WordPress Authority for WordPress itself started with a simple membership site that became much more. In this episode Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner.com talks about his awesome […]


Podcaster’s Paradise: Everything You Need in One Place

No matter how successful a business is, it never hurts to get a little help from your friends. In this episode you’ll learn how to make new friends and grow your business at the same time! John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire discusses his community, Podcaster’s Paradise, and how you can benefit greatly from […]