Brian Clark Discusses Authority and the 6 Primary Influences on People

It’s safe to say Copyblogger is an established Authority Site. Brian Clark – the man behind the Content Marketing giant – has taken some time out to let you know how! In this episode Brian will give information on what makes him unique when it comes to technology, why Copyblogger uses WordPress and who he […]


WordPress Framework: Problem and Solutions – Part 2

When starting a website business you will face many problems (in fact, we thought of so many we had to split our podcast into 2 parts). But for every problem there is a solution, and we have plenty of those! In this episode Trevor and Mike talk about how to solve the most critical problem […]


WordPress Framework: Problems and Solutions – Part 1

Every website – even the highest level ones like Content Marketing Institute – have daily problems to solve. We’re here to solve the biggest and most challenging ones for you! In this episode Trevor and Mike talk about the three biggest problems every Authority site is having, getting the content you want on the page […]


Authority Site Business Builder – Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the essential departments to have in your business if you want to be successful. Turns out this information is so valuable it takes two shows to cover it all! In this episode we talk about how to bridge the gap between your customers and your business, what a lead magnet […]


Authority Site Business Builder – Part 1

You can’t live in your dream house without having a plan to build it. The same applies to business – so in this episode WPA’s co-creators Mike Olaski and Trevor Turnbull tell you how to build that house! In this episode we talk about how you can envision a successful business team and acquire the […]


Joe Pulizzi Gives You 10 Tips to Build Your Authority Publishing Business

Interested in how Content Marketing Institute operates, but don’t have much time? Welcome to our Take 10 episode, where Joe Pulizzi goes through 10 rapid fire questions and gives you the concise yet valuable answers you’re looking for. This episode covers a wide range of topics, including how Joe approaches his content strategy, marketing strategy, […]


Joe Pulizzi on Being in The Content and Ideas Business

Everyone wants to be an Authority Site. But once you get there, all the management of the posts, authors and advertisers can become a daunting task. Content Marketing Institute has already established themselves with an impressive business model, and now Joe Pulizzi wants to share it with you! In this episode Joe shares the hardships […]


Joe Pulizzi Discusses Spreading your Authority as an Author

Joe Pulizzi is an engaging, eccentric, successful WordPress Authority and he has plenty of advice for you! Since 2007 Joe has been a force in the Content Marketing field and has never looked back. ContentMarketingInstitute.com is the go-to resource for anyone looking to learn about content marketing, improve their current strategy or just have more […]


The WordPress Authorities Show: Principals of Authority

If you’re wondering what WPAuthorites.com and The WordPress Authorities Show is all about, then welcome to our first ever Show Post. Each week we’ll post the media from the Show, in audio and/or video for you to listen/watch, and hopefully subscribe to our daily show. Every day we’ll bring you a new show format, and […]


Chris Ducker: Get Virtual Freedom for Free and Build Your Business Without Running It

If I told you working 28 hours per week would bring in more money than working 96 would that be something that catches your attention? Well that’s what I’m telling you with a straight face! In this episode Chris Ducker of ChrisDucker.com talks about his book, Virtual Freedom, which is the hold-your-hand outsourcing model to […]