The WordPress Authorities Show: Principals of Authority

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If you’re wondering what and The WordPress Authorities Show is all about, then welcome to our first ever Show Post. Each week we’ll post the media from the Show, in audio and/or video for you to listen/watch, and hopefully subscribe to our daily show. Every day we’ll bring you a new show format, and each week we’ll bring you a new featured “WordPress Authority Site” from which we’ll discover the biggest problems being faced, and the solutions that are being used. In short, we dig deep into the details so you can “Model the Masters of WordPress Publishing”.

Today you’ll hear from several WordPress Authority Site Owners on what they think an “Authority Site” is.

This particular week starts on a Sunday, with this show we call “Show Zero”, which is dedicated to what we’re all about, what you can expect from the show, and an example of the “Show Type” we call “Pillar Post Preview”, where we speak to an upcoming or recently published post on

Show Type, Title and Description

The Principals of Authority episode with Mike Olaski and Trevor Turnbull, where we discuss what several WordPress Authority Site Owners on what they think an “Authority Site” is.

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Show Notes

  1. What super hot “Authorities” @Joe Pulizzi, @John Lee Dumas, @James Wedmore, @Chris Ducker, @Syed Bahlki, and @Laura Roeder feel what “Authority Site” means (1m 52s)
  2. Why good artists borrow and great artists steal (4m 42s)
  3. How to create Authority for yourself, site or project (12m 6s)
  4. What is “ (8m 0s)
  5. Our “Principals of Authority” (13m 33s)
  6. How Authorship creates Authority (14m 23s)
  7. How Community is essential for Authority Sites (17m 2s)
  8. Why Transparency ironically increases your Authority (19m 15s)
  9. When and How to “Steal” to build Authority using Attribution (22m 46s)
  10. Why rethinking “Competition” to become Resourceful is the ultimate Authority Hack (25m 31s)
  11. What is the WP Canon, and how can it help you find your path to success faster (30m 19s)
  12. The WordPress Authorities Show Formats (31m 51s)
  13. How to get your FREE Coaching Call to get you past your biggest current problem (33m 59s)
  14. Why we’re different than other WordPress or Authority resources out there (36m 34s)
  15. About @Trevor Turnbull and @Mike Olaski and why we’re NOT the Authorities you think we are (37m 50s)


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