WOD 24/7: Have A Workout Buddy Wherever You Go

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The gym is ironic in a funny way. They all push and push to sign up as many members as possible, but if all those members actually showed up there would be people waiting outside like a nightclub because the gym would be way over capacity!

But what if you didn’t have any hassle that came with a gym membership? And what if you didn’t have the excuse of “my gym buddy isn’t going to the gym so I won’t either”?

Cue solution celebration! Dai Manuel has come up with an amazing membership program called WOD 24/7 – where you workout on your own, but never alone. In this episode he discusses that program, his ultimate goal and how you can get healthy with your family. Listen on!

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During this Show Us episode, Dai Manuel and host Trevor Turnbull discuss Dai’s membership site WOD 24/7 and the Gluten Free Family Challenge.

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  1. WOD 24/7

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  1. Gluten Free Family Challenge

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Click To Tweet –> “It’s the education piece that’s lacking in the health industry and thats what people want” @daimanuel

Show Notes

  1. Be able to work out and meet people wherever, whenever (4m 39s)
  2. Start here (5m 52s)
  3. The importance of community (6m 16s)
  4. Dai’s ultimate goal (7m 33s)
  5. Filling the void of what people want in health (8m 20s)
  6. Get healthy with your family (9m 5s)
  7. Make healthy fun (11m 2s)

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