WordPress Framework: Problem and Solutions – Part 2

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wpa-1.1.7-0008-show-coverWhen starting a website business you will face many problems (in fact, we thought of so many we had to split our podcast into 2 parts). But for every problem there is a solution, and we have plenty of those! In this episode Trevor and Mike talk about how to solve the most critical problem you’ll have as an authority, a proven solution to an advertising issue that has mostly unsatisfying solutions and how to make your site the cool kid on the block. Listen on!

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Part 2 of The Problems and Solutions episode with Trevor Turnbull and Mike Olaski, where they discuss more issues Authorities face in WordPress Framework and how you can solve the important ones holding your site back.

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  1. GetSocial
  2. Formidable
  3. WPBackups Plus
  4. BuySellAds
  5. Pods

Show Notes

  1. Making your site a social butterfly (4m 6s)
  2. You know you’re an authority when you have this problem (6m 33s)
  3. Where to look when you want to load your Canon with the best ammunition (7m 15s)
  4. The most critical problem you’ll have as an authority, and how to solve it (9m 58s)
  5. Get Usain Bolt jealous of your site’s speed (12m 39s)
  6. Avoid losing months or years of hard work overnight (14m 10s)
  7. A proven solution to a problem with mostly unsatisfying solutions (17m 7s)
  8. Finding a home for outside-the-box content (19m 43s)
  9. Why it’s all about you (23m 26s)
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