WordPress Framework: Problems and Solutions – Part 1

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wpa-1.1.6-0007-show-coverEvery website – even the highest level ones like Content Marketing Institute – have daily problems to solve. We’re here to solve the biggest and most challenging ones for you! In this episode Trevor and Mike talk about the three biggest problems every Authority site is having, getting the content you want on the page you want and a plugin that has newbie-level simplicity but master-level earning potential. Listen on!

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Part 1 of The Problems and Solutions episode with Trevor Turnbull and Mike Olaski, where they discuss WordPress Framework and how you can solve the important problems holding your site back.

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  1. WooThemes
  2. BuddyPress
  3. Akismet
  4. WordPress SEO by Yost
  5. Prettylink

Show Notes

  1. Why do we do the Pillar Post Shows? (4m 17s)
  2. How the Cannon and Framework are intertwined (5m 50s)
  3. The ways WPA facilitates your needs (6m 33s)
  4. The 3 biggest problems every Site owner is currently having (7m 39s)
  5. Even Level 4 Authority Sites are having this problem (8m 17s)
  6. Turning a blank canvas into a masterpiece (9m 2s)
  7. Make your browser friendly for all devices (11m 3s)
  8. What Google is pushing as the future of Websites (12m 35s)
  9. Get any content you want on any page you want (13m 57s)
  10. How to turn your site into the next Facebook or Twitter (16m 31s)
  11. What almost everyone needs in their Cannon (17m 11s)
  12. Making sure your site isn’t selling French handbags on the side (17m 54s)
  13. The plugin with newbie-level ability required and master-level earning potential (18m 52s)
  14. Find out how popular your links really are (20m 10s)
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