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NOTE: This is a SuPremium/OwnUs Template that pull in the Bios from the Contributors in the system of a certain level.

WordPress Authorities at is an OwnUs Opportunity project. OwnUs is a system, designed by many of the same team members listed on this particular project, which awards benefits, from awards, revenue sharing, and even equity to partners large and small who contribute to this project.

The list below outlines the Founders, Partners and Contributors according to the Actions they’ve taken in this project. The list is Dynamically updated, so, if you want to contribute to the venture, let us know how you’d like to contribute, then execute that vision, and in no time at all, you could be on this page too, which would reflect the building of something of value, helping a community of like-minded friends, and making a return on your investment that could potentially add up to job quitting, asset building magnitude.



Steve Richards

Steve’s Google Plus Profile

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